About Moongazer Cards

Moongazer Cards was launched in January 2013 by children’s book illustrator Sally Anne Lambert.

With over 100 designs, Moongazer presently has 9 ranges: Spellbound is the core range comprising 18 cards, each illustrating a poem, which is printed on the reverse – some are well known, but most are a collaboration with the artist’s mother, Maureen Lambert.

Further ranges feature British wildlife, an enchanted forest, a magical story-book world of teddies, toys and faerie folk, and a Rogues Gallery of characterful cats with plenty of attitude and just a whisker of menace.

Moongazer Cards are blank inside measuring 150 x 150mm, printed in UK on 300gsm fsc stock and are supplied cello-wrapped with a white envelope.

Many of the designs are also available as prints.

About Sally Anne Lambert

Sally Anne Lambert has been illustrating books for children since 1984 when, in her final year at university, she was asked to illustrate “The Gingerbread Man” for Pavilion Books in Covent Garden. It was a wonderful introduction to publishing and she has been illustrating ever since, for a wide variety of publishers both in the UK and America.

Titles include the U.S. award winning ‘Gator Gumbo’ and the ‘Story of the Easter Bunny’, which was rated number 3 in the New York Times Best Selling Children’s Books list in 2005, and has now become a children’s classic.

For a full list of books illustrated by Sally Anne Lambert, please see the ‘Books’ section below.

Her most recent publications are ‘The Teeny Weeny Walking Stick’ by Karen Hodgson, published by Hogs Back books; a fairy story about a little boy who believes he has discovered ‘little people’ at the bottom of his garden and sets off to find proof, and ‘The Mice in the Church Yard’ by Kes Grey, published by Bloomsbury; a classic tale of cat and mouse set in a spooky churchyard in a quiet village, deep in the English countryside.

Sally draws inspiration from traditional fairy tales and poetry, and the countryside around her, with a particular passion for gnarled trees and moonlight!

A member of the Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire, Sally exhibits across the North West of England. In addition to this she attends many craft and trade fairs across the country. For dates of these events please click the ‘News’ tab above.

Sally is happy to discuss ideas for commissions.

Books illustrated by Sally Anne Lambert

  • 1984: ‘The Gingerbread Man’ by David Wood - Pavilion Books
  • 1985: ‘Tess Leaves Home’ by Alix Nathan - Hamish Hamilton
  • 1990: ‘Jim-Jam Pyjamas’ by Gina Wilson - Jonathan Cape
  • 1993: ‘I Spy ABC’ by Sally Anne Lambert - Macmillan
  • 1998: ‘Leon Gets a Scarecut’ by Alan McDonald - MacDonald Young Books
  • 1998: ‘The Three Little Pigs’ - Ladybird
  • 1998: ‘Best of Friends’ by Shen Roddie - Francis Lincoln
  • 1999: ‘The Very Sleepy Pig’ by John Malam - Mustard Press
  • 1999: ‘Hippety-Hop, Hippety-Hey’ by Opal Dunn - Francis Lincoln
  • 1999: ‘Slender Ella and her Fairy Hogfarther’ by Vivien Sathre - Yearling
  • 2000: ‘Simon Says’ by Shen Roddie - Frances Lincoln
  • 2001: ‘Little Ones Do!’ by Jana Novotny Hunter - David and Charles
  • 2002: ‘The Baddie’s Goodies’ by Angela McAllister - Bloomsbury
  • 2004: ‘Gator Gumbo’ by Candace Flemming - Farrar Strauss Giroux
  • 2005: ‘The Story of the Easter Bunny’ by Katherine Tegen - Harper Collins
  • 2007: ‘The Magic Toyshop’ - D K Publishing
  • 2008: ‘The Black Fox’ Kingfisher Book of Animal Stories - Kingfisher
  • 2010: ‘The Teeny Weeny Walking Stick’ by Karen Hodgson - Hogs Back Books
  • 2011: ‘The Story of the Leprechaun’ by Katherine Tegen - Harper Collins
  • 2012: ‘The Yippy, Yappy Yorky in a Green Doggy Sweater’ by Debbie Macomber and Mary Lou Carney - Harper Collins
  • 2013: ‘The Mice in the Churchyard’ by Kes Grey - Bloomsbury